A Walk at Wyken

There are two lovely loops through the Suffolk countryside, that will bring you back to Wyken.

Both loops begin by taking the public footpath from behind The Leaping Hare car park and walking through meadows towards Walsham-le-Willows.  After emerging from a woodland path there is a left turn, marked with foot path signs.  You can take this down to the ancient Grundle path, that leads into Stanton, and walk back via the Wyken Road (the blue route), or turn right and do a walk through open farmland back towards Walsham, before rejoining the same path you originally took from The Leaping Hare (the red route). Each route takes around 1 hours and 20 minutes.

The Grundle, a half-mile sunken track on the walk towards Stanton.  No one knows what this ancient feature of the landscape really is. Theories abound, from a natural phenomen caused by glacial melt at the last ice age, to some form of pre-historic battlement.  Boudicca is rumoured to have camped here, and the name comes from the tale of Beowulf, where the monster that dwells in dark and watery places was called Grendel. If you know more about the Grundle, please do let us know.

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