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What started as a project for lock down is now permanent.  We have installed a wood fired pizza oven and renovated an old farm workshop to create the Moonshine Cafe; an al fresco area with fire chimneys and heaters to keep you warm.

Our organic sourdough bases are topped with ingredients sourced from the Wyken kitchen garden, the Wyken estate and the close local area. We serve a combination of comforting classics alongside more innovative recipes.

Our Moonshine Cafe will only be serving take away pizzas on Saturday lunch to coincide with the Farmer’s Market for the foreseeable future.  Our sourdough takes 24 hours to prove, so sadly we have to operate on a pre-order basis only at present.  Please order by noon on the Friday before to ensure we have enough dough for your pizzas.

Pizzas are new to Wyken, and we’ve got lots of questions about allergies, gluten and even how hot our oven gets.  You can see our Wyken Pizza FAQs here.

Opening Hours

The outdoor Moonshine Cafe is open from 10am to 5pm Wednesday to Sunday for coffee, pastries and pizza. (Pizzas served 11.30am-2pm).

Our Dough

The key to a good pizza is in its base, and the key to a good base is an uncompromising approach to dough.  Wyken pizzas are made from a sourdough base, in the classic Neapolitan manner, but with a twist.  Organic and coarse milled flour, with a dose of rye, catalysed by a starter derived from Wyken grape skins, provides a distinctly Suffolk take on the Italian style.

Wyken Pizza

What is Neapolitan Pizza?

At Wyken we make Neapolitan pizza infused with the terroir of Suffolk.  The style of Neapolitan pizza means a sourdough base, with a light, airy and chewy crust.  The pizza is cooked in a wood fired oven, at a temperature of around 450 degrees, for only a minute.  The result is a charred crust with centre that is slightly wet, oozing unctuous and overflowing flavours.  Alongside classics like a margherita, we use seasonal ingredients from our own farm, like asparagus, pheasant and venison.

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