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What style of pizza do you serve?

We make a traditional Neapolitan style pizza with toppings that reflect local Suffolk produce, often from the Wyken estate itself. Neapolitan pizzas should have light, airy and satisfyingly chewy crusts that are slightly charred. The middle should be a little soft or floppy, oozing with the juices of the toppings.

Why sourdough?

Sourdough is naturally leavened, which gives it those luscious crusts and slightly tangy flavour that lets the toppings sing.  It’s not the most convenient pizza base, needing to be made two days in advance, but the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

When are you open?

We are open for lunch: Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 – 3:00pm and for dinner:  Saturday from 6:00 – 8:30pm

How can I place a pre-order? 
Please book online here or call 01359 250287 during our opening hours.

Where are you located? 
We are located in the Wyken car park, next to the farmers market, and are operating a socially distanced queuing system.Please use the car park as usual.

Can I eat my pizza at Wyken?

While we can’t yet lay out tables and chairs for our guests, we encourage you to come and enjoy the whole Wyken experience.  Bring a picnic blanket and make yourself at home in the lower apple orchard, which is just a short stroll from the pizza wagon. We have shelter should it rain. You can then walk around the Wyken gardens (open from 1pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday) or walk through our ancient woodlands to the vineyard.

Can I purchase drinks?

We have the full range of Wyken wines, cold Good Dog Ale and an array of soft drinks available to purchase by the glass or bottle.

Do you accept card?

We are currently only taking card payments. We thank you for understanding at this time.

Are your loos open?

Yes. For now we have (very classy) portaloos. Once the shop is open (from June 17th) our regular loos will be open.

Do you cater for gluten allergies? 

We do have delicious gluten free bases.  They are considerably more costly than traditional bases, so I’m afraid do carry a £1.50 surcharge per pizza.  While we make every effort, pizza making is a floury business, and we cannot guarantee a 100% gluten free pizza because we will be using the same oven to cook all pizzas.

Do you cater for dairy allergies? 

We have a number of dairy free pizzas on the menu.  While we make every effort to ensure that there is no cross contamination between ingredients, but we are a very small kitchen so cannot guarantee this. Please do speak to our staff when ordering.

Where are you located? 

We are located in the Wyken car park, next to the farmers market and are operating a socially distanced queuing system.   Please use the car park as usual.

How hot is your oven?

Our oven is clay, and burning real wood, reaches temperatures of 450 to 500oC.  That’s hot!  Pizzas only take 90 seconds to cook at this heat.





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