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Squirrel Croquettes with Wyken Sour Apple Sauce


Smoked Wyken Pigeon Breast, Roast Beetroot and Horseradish Cream


Wyken Muntjac Bourginon with Oyster Mushrooms, New Barn Farm Purple Sprouting Brocolli, Cauliflower & Truffle Mash


Sea Buckthorn Posset & Curd with Crushed Meringue and Sea Buckthorn Syrup


A Note On Sustainability

The Wyken Wild at Home menu celebrates eating well and eating sustainably. Its ingredients are found living wild at Wyken, foraged near by, or grown locally by our neighbours.  In case you are wondering where each ingredient comes from and why it’s sustainable, we have put together a short description of each course.


Canape: Squirrel Croquettes with a Wyken Sour Apple Sauce


The meat of Grey Squirrel is rich and tender, flavoured by a diet consisting mainly of foraged nuts and tree buds.  They were introduced to Britain by the Duke of Bedford in the late 19th century.  Since then these pesky invaders have out-competed our native Red Squirrel to the verge of extinction and have devastated our woodlands.  Grey Squirrels gnaw of the bark of young trees, hoping to get to the sugary sap underneath.  The trees are either killed outright or become more susceptible to infection.  Luckily squirrels are also delicious, and these ones come from the woods at Wyken.  Indeed, some of hail from the very orchard where we picked the apples that made this sauce. We harvested our apples in October and have carefully stored them in our barn.


Starter: Smoked Wood Pigeon Carpaccio, Roast Beetroot and Wild Horseradish Cream


Pigeon is some of the finest meat, being dark, rich and distinctively flavoured.  Pigeons are the most numerous bird in Britain, and since the 1950s have increased their population by over 150%, thanks to being remarkably adaptable to changing habitats and food sources, as well as rearing multiple broods each nesting season. On the farm at Wyken we discourage them from feasting on our fields by using a myriad of methods, many non-lethal.  Luckily for us, a number also end up on our menu. We have cured and then hot smoked the breast, served alongside local beetroot and horseradish cream.


Main: Muntjac and Oyster Mushroom Bourginon, Cauliflower & Truffle Mash, Purple Sprouting Broccoli


Muntjac are another invasive species, introduced by the same man who was responsible for the Grey Squirrel’s release.  These diminutive deer are now the most numerous of the six British deer species and have expanded their range dramatically.  East Anglia is the epicentre of the population, and they cause tremendous damage to our woodlands and biodiversity.  Since muntjac first arrived at Wyken in the 1990s, we have seen the flora of our ancient woodland decline in diversity and a slump in Nightingale and resident Woodcock populations, both of whose nesting habitat is browsed away by muntjac. The Government, through Natural England, insist that we carry out a muntjac cull each year to protect the woods at Wyken, which are categorised as SSSIs. This venison is the result.

Our oyster mushrooms come from Stefanie at Fabulous Fungi, a specialist mushroom grower near Ipswich. She uses incubated mushroom spores from France and carefully controls the temperature and humidity levels to ensure her mushrooms thrive.

The cauliflower and purple sprouting broccoli are from New Barn Farm, a local vegetable grower near Diss, who harvests his produce by hand.


Pudding: Sea Buckthorn Posset & Curd with Crushed Meringue and Sea Buckthorn Syrup


The sea buckthorn berries comes from the British Sea Buckthorn Company based on the North East Essex coast. The berries are deliciously citrusy so can be used as a British grown substitute to lemon.The bright orange berries are full of nutrients and revered for their health benefits. They have more than 190 micro-nutrients: antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, omega oils and plant sterols.

This is a set menu and we are sadly unable to accommodate allergies and food intolerances. If you have concerns however, or would like to hear about the vegetarian or vegan alternatives, please do email us on the address above.

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