The Vineyard

Planted in 1988 on a south facing slope, with some 12,000 vines on seven acres. The vines, trained in the Double Guyot style, thrive on the sandy loam over chalk. On average we produce some 12,000 bottles a year, and these are all sold through our Shop and Restaurant. You are free to walk to the vineyard from the Leaping Hare over our Home Meadow and through a most beautiful ancient woodland.

Wyken Wines


The jewel in our crown. Past winner of English Wine of the Year, and in 2013 Best East Anglian Wine. A dry wine with a Sauvignon Blanc character.


A sparkling wine from our Auxerrois grapes and our more recently planted Pinot Noir. We are proud that this can hold its own against wines from the Champagne area in France.

All our wines are available at our shop and our restaurant.